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Ecco - Songs of Time
« on: October 30, 2014, 01:01:09 pm »

.flac or .mp3, lossless.

.flac Download:!NckQlTgQ!Bio4U0e5nMIH3FfU6weDW6sZqbbR0spNOnZZevJJfVk

password= cavernsofhope
.mp3 Download:!gkgQzb6B!YJcykfr4uAPmO5c3woSZT6hd-BaNjG2NZxCMy7K4uL4

Ecco - Songs of Time

SegaSoft released in 1996 a sorta best of CD with tracks from Ecco 1 and Tides of Time on the Sega CD. Like I said before, I just love Nilen's style especially here in his Ecco versions. They slightly edited the songs and the whale voices aren't so aggressively put in the foreground like they were sometimes in Tides of Time. I like that a lot better than the versions on the game discs! Else there is not much to be added. It's a nice mix, and the best ones have been chosen - even though I would've liked to see one or two more tracks I really liked in the Sega CD versions. If you have the Sega CD version you don't really need this soundtrack, but for any real Ecco fan or people who don't have the Sega CD games this is a must-have. Unfortunately it doesn't seem to be available anywhere anymore.


abyss - 04:41min - 10.7MB
botswana - 03:14min - 7.47MB
the desert below - 02:43min - 6.23MB
deception - 02:04min - 4.81MB
deep marjimba - 03:14min - 7.42MB
blue dream - 03:25min - 7.87MB
st. gabriel's mask - 04:30min - 10.3MB
heart of the giant - 02:39min - 6.14MB
transcended - 03:18min - 7.63MB
mountains below - 03:36min - 8.30MB
treefish - 03:48min - 8.34MB
aqua vistas - 04:24min - 10.1MB
lonesome search - 01:49min - 4.20MB
friend or foe - 06:09min - 13.9MB
motion e - 04:08min - 9.43MB
the machine - 03:25min - 7.87MB
sounding echo - 03:10min - 7.32MB
time forgotten - 03:59min - 9.16MB
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