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.mp3, 320kbps, Source: YouTube.


"Imagination will often carry us to worlds that never were, but without it we go nowhere."  ― Carl Sagan

Welcome to my YouTube channel - Hope you'll find a mix tape worth your time!

For me, personally, the music has always been the "ship of imagination". All I need to do is wrap my head around an idea and let the music flow do the rest.
- AE


All audio-visual mixtape compilations has been constructed, mixed and edited with Sony Vegas, Native Instruments Traktor, Fraps, Gimps2, Audacity, PSP and the flow of imagination. I don't take any credits for the artwork and tracks involved. All used clips, tracks and pictures are courtesy of their rightful owners. If you are the owner of any of this content and want it removed, contact me directly. No infringement of copyright is intended. For promotional use only.
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