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DFX Music Player Enhancer Pro v1.30
« on: March 11, 2015, 03:21:07 pm »


DFX Player is a initial Music Player to yield loyal Professional Audio Quality to Android devices.
DFX Player was combined by an engineering group that grown endowment winning audio record used by Grammy winning producers and engineers.

CNET DFX Review – “Makes your MP3s sound approach better. Hear a enchanting outcome on your music.” – Rated 5 stars
Thanks to a new advances in Android device estimate speed and power, DFX audio estimate record is finally accessible on your Android phones and tablets.
DFX estimate record restores high magnitude harmonics that were shop-worn in a MP3 encoding routine and also dramatically increases your drum magnitude response but obscure your playback levels. DFX also restores a mislaid healthy abyss to your strain for a some-more healthy listening experience.
The DFX Player also includes a truly veteran multi-band EQ that has been used by Grammy winning producers and engineers.
Finally we can entirely suffer your MP3 songs but a assumed muffled sound and singular drum response of past strain players and make EQ adjustments but exaggeration or detriment of quality.

– Uses modernized DSP estimate to dramatically softened sound peculiarity and drum response over existent Android strain players
– Powerful nonetheless easy to use Song, Artist and Playlist formed strain preference and playback methods
– Includes mixed DFX audio estimate presets to best optimize DFX for your listening sourroundings and personal tastes, including Bass Boost presets
-Includes a truly veteran peculiarity multi-band EQ used by Grammy winning producers and engineers
Try a DFX Player now to hear what we have been blank . . .
More Background on DFX Audio Enhancement:
The DFX estimate outcome and equalizer has been in growth for over 20 years and is now ranked as a best audio app of a kind. You will immediately notice a poignant boost to a volume and altogether sound peculiarity of any strain or other media that we listen to. The turn of accurate audio control accessible from DFX is unmatched by any other sound enhancer or booster.

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