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Halo: Original Soundtrack
« on: October 31, 2014, 12:14:41 pm »

.flac lossless or .mp3 @ 320kbps.

Flac Download:!cVMw2QLK!GV6oqqAwxfwEg2ZG3AncQmdhtHl75lg7K-0yuLCzPfE

.mp3 Download:!hxRG3KoL!GwtzOw9JlF-ZD16VODFYAf_7TX4-YyqWm2qlfcfzji4

The Halo Original Soundtrack is a soundtrack for the video game Halo: Combat Evolved. Composed and produced by Martin O'Donnell and Michael Salvatori for Bungie, the soundtrack was released on June 11, 2002. Most of the music from Halo: Combat Evolved is present on the CD, although some songs have been remixed by O'Donnell in medley form for "more enjoyable" listening. The first piece O'Donnell wrote, known as "Halo", became the basis for Halo '​s "signature sound" which has been heard in the other games of the main trilogy.

The soundtrack features a wide range of musical styles, including chanting, string orchestra, and percussion. Upon release, the soundtrack was well received by critics. Some complimented the wide range of musical styles, and most agreed that playing the game is not required to enjoy the soundtrack. A special edition of the soundtrack was released on October 28, 2003, featuring a DVD with a trailer, demo movie, and high quality music for Halo 2.


All music was written and composed by Martin O'Donnell and Michael Salvatori.

    "Opening Suite" 3:33
    "Truth and Reconciliation Suite" 8:25
    "Brothers in Arms" 1:29
    "Enough Dead Heroes" 3:00
    "Perilous Journey" 2:26
    "A Walk in the Woods" 1:52
    "Ambient Wonder" 1:57
    "The Gun Pointed at the Head of the Universe" 2:26
    "Trace Amounts" 1:51
    "Under Cover of Night" 3:41
    "What Once Was Lost" 1:40
    "Lament for Pvt. Jenkins" 1:14
    "Devils... Monsters..." 1:30
    "Covenant Dance" 1:57
    "Alien Corridors" 1:48
    "Rock Anthem for Saving the World" 1:17
    "The Maw" 1:06
    "Drumrun" 1:01
    "On a Pale Horse" 1:35
    "Perchance to Dream" 1:00
    "Library Suite" 6:47
    "The Long Run" 2:12
    "Suite Autumn" 4:22
    "Shadows" 0:59
    "Dust and Echoes" 2:49
    "Halo" 4:22
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