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Download mp3:!aFcBmbYb!tR4w85qb9Guh2ZrI_nYPtdDF5NvAjZhEenfUZnQQ2Js

Download flac:!GVU0kYCQ!fBM_3XM3fFQa8X6mRd8-RQ


Immortal and Divine
War in the Heavens
Hyperion's Siren
Witness Hell
To Mt. Olympus
Enter the Oracles
Theseus and Phaedra
Poseidon's Leap
This is Your Calling
Theseus Fight the Minotaur
Theseus Fires the Bow
My Own Heart
Zeus' Punishment
Ride to the Gates
In War Fathers Bury Their Sons
The Gods Chose Well
Fight So Your Name Survives
Battle in the Tunnel
Immortal Combat
Do Not Forsake Mankind
Sky Fight / End Credits
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