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Existential: Crucible, Book 1 - Ryan W. Aslesen


Written by Ryan W. Aslesen
Read by Jeffrey Kafer
Format: M4B
Bitrate: 64 Kbps

Length: 10 hrs and 2 mins
Release date: 08-21-18

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It was supposed to be just another mission.

Buried deep in the rugged Alaskan wilderness lies a secret that could alter the future of mankind - a secret that billionaire Elizabeth Grey has invested millions in solving. But when the dig goes silent and all attempts at making contact fail, an elite team of battle-hardened military contractors is brought in led by former Marine Max Ahlgren, a warrior haunted by his past.

While the mission to make contact and rescue a team of scientists and engineers working on an 殿rcheological project seems like an easy payday, once on ground, the team discovers the grizzly truth that this is no ordinary rescue. Max and his men find themselves in the fight of their lives against a nightmarish enemy like nothing they have ever seen. In what quickly becomes a struggle for survival, the world痴 greatest soldiers will encounter the universe痴 ultimate terror in a battle that puts all of humanity at stake.

No backup. No escape. No hope.

Warning: This book contains intense scenes of violence and horror. It isn稚 for the faint of heart. Listener discretion is advised.

Undead (Crucible) Bk 2 - Ryan W. Aslesen

Written by Ryan W. Aslesen
Read by Jeffrey Kafer
Format: MP3
Bitrate: 64 Kbps

The explosive best-selling sequel to the landmark horror-thriller, Existential. A must-listen for science fiction and horror fans alike, Undead is a roller coaster ride of action and terror!

Max Ahlgren thought the nightmare he had endured in Alaska was over. He was wrong.

Consumed with finding those responsible for the death of his family 10 years earlier, Max is approached by Juno Rey, a seductive CIA agent with a tantalizing offer - information on the killers in exchange for Max痴 help on a top-secret mission. The target: a covert biomedical research facility located deep in North Korea, where scientists are attempting to reverse engineer the alien life-form discovered in Alaska.

An elite team of CIA operatives accompanies him, but even their advanced weapons cannot ensure survival against the murderous abominations created at the facility. Max must decide who he can trust as the devastating secret of their mission unravels. To unlock the secrets of his past, Max must again face his nightmares as he fights to save humanity from an unearthly terror.

Undead is a cocktail of horror, science fiction, and thrilling military action. Fast-paced, terrifying, and visceral, it contains intense scenes of graphic violence and horror. Listener discretion is advised.

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