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The Protector Series
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The Protector Series Book 1 - Fugitive of Magic - Linsey Hall. M4A

To the world, Iím a just a Conjurer. To my closest friends, Iím a FireSoulĖa dangerous Magica with forbidden powers and a dragonís soul. The downside? If anyone discovers what I am, Iím dead. So I lay low, kicking butt with my weapons, not my magic.

The Protector Series Book 2 Trial by Magic - Linsey Hall. M4a

You know that saying, to hell in a hand basket? Thatís where my life is headed. Three days ago, the Vampire Court learned about my forbidden FireSoul magic. Itís basically a death sentence. Except theyíve made me a deal. I have to pass a series of trials, designed to test my magic and my loyalty. If I survive, I become an ally of the Court, which would be awesome.

Problem is, the trials are as deadly as a hungry hellhound and I canít trust my partner, the sexy hybrid-vampire Ares. Worse, thereís a new magic inside me thatís eating me alive. It wonít stop until I learn to control it, but thatís a tall order given everything else thatís on my plate. Between the trials and a recent theft at my shop, Ancient Magic, Iím up to my ears in magical problems.

The Protector Series Book 3 - Origin of Magic - Linsey Hall. M4A

By the skin of my teeth, I passed the Vampire Court trials. Iím officially an ally, with the seductive vampire Ares on my side. Everything should be good, except that thereís a magical mob boss on the hunt for dragons. Problem is: dragons are supposed to be dead. So what does he know that I donít?

Itís a race against the clock to save the dragons. But things get dangerous when the mob boss starts hunting me. What was a straightforward mission becomes a tangled web of intrigue and danger. I can only get out alive if I embrace my strange new magicĖalong with the help of Ares and my friends.


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