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Nintendo DS
« on: August 03, 2019, 07:52:21 pm »

Just install Drastic on Android, locate the game and play. This is the non-rooted **** version

Windows Download:

Android Download Emulator (works on every device):!WypRzKDD!iHqKRknzsN6PPaEm8RB9L9L72N7PIlM5CpPFrmYWSJI

Android Download Latest Emulator (better, but doesn't work on every device):!wJcD3IYJ!YSTMPhrIIBmaUpq1aND3iiB0FUP3vsvgwuWJ3KdC_LA

Download Heartgold:!b3wRVCgZ!uwM7NWBmP6LUj2pL4UagH5nqgzF6e1nu4sP0uI1cFb4
(extract with 7-zip).

Download Soulsilver:!mvwWiCgS!v2kOCEDNlZ0w8hK9dUyvjCRUIVWSOo5kkTgdKWCJEZs
(extract with 7-zip).

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