Author Topic: The Moon Shaman Meditation - Shamanic Drum Trance - Activate Your Higher Mind  (Read 37 times)


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.mp3, cbr, 320kbps, Source: YouTube.


Non duality Full Moon mediation. Activate & connect to Your Higher Mind. Despite the illusion of separation there is only one universal essence. There is no drum beat and no vast cosmic space around. Oneness is all there is. Embrace the resonance of the full moon during this shamanic journey. We are created out of water, the moon is said to be master of water. What we are is simply this open space of awareness. Powerful shamanic drumming will keep Your consciousness awake during this journey, the Gong will remind You to breathe deeply, slowly and consciously even when the drum is moving You, breathe calmly. Zen Meditation. Use this like a Medicine. There is no distinction, no superior, no inferior, only wholeness, completeness and unity. Shaman drum, gong, zaphir blue moon wind chimes, rainstick. DOWNLOAD HQ audio file 24-bit wave, flac or mp3. If You would like to support my work You can find it at Bandcamp ► ► become my PATRON ► or just donate #moonshaman #calm Subscribe to my channel: Bandcamp: FB: Contact:
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